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Посещали ли Вы раньше выставки, организованные Премьер Экспо?


Premier Expo is a member of the ITE Group Plc, which is the leading international exhibition business and annually organizes more than 230  exhibitions in 21 countries around the world. Since its founding Prime Expo successfully conducted in a number of Ukraine's largest industry forums. 




UFI Approved KievBuild, WorldFood, KIBS, Kiev AgriHort and UITT
The Board of Directors of UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has conferred on KievBuild, WorldFood, KIBS, Kiev AgriHort and UITT, which are organised by the Ukrainian company Premier Expo, the status of «UFI Approved Event».
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2–4 october 2018


27st international medical exhibition

2–4 october

MTEC.Kiev 2018

3–5 october 2018


25th International Travel Market. Tourism. Leisure. Hotels. Health

11–13 october

MiningWorld Ukraine

23–25 october 2018


International Trade Fair. Up-to-date warehousing equipment, installations and technologies

23–25 october 2018


International Trade Fair "TRANSUKRAINE" - vehicles and transport services, equipment, terminals

23–25 october 2018

ColdChain Ukraine

23–25 october 2018


 International Freight and Commercial Vehicle Show. Trucks and commercial vehicles

23–25 october 2018

WorldFood Ukraine 2018

International Food & Drinks Exhibition

23–25 october 2018

WorldFood GreenProduce Ukraine

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