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About Exhibition

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  • Filling Stations:

Equipment for petrol, LPG, CNG stations and oil farms 
Fuel and gas dispensers
Fuel guns, pumps, valves, hoses, control equipment
Designing and building of petrol stations, oil farms and oil storage depots
Oil quality control equipment and technologies
Vehicle LPG systems
Vehicle gas equipment

  • Motor Fuel:

      Fuel additives
            Octane correctors
Oxygen-containing components petrol    
- Gas (liquefied and compressed)
            - Biofuel
            - Biodiesel
            - Hydrogen     
Motor fuel production, delivery and storage equipment

  •  Roadside Service:

Service stations (test equipment and tire stands)
Washing systems and equipment
Cashless payment systems (smart cards), payment terminals
Cash registers and cash dispensers
Vending machines
Mini-shops, fast food systems
Construction of motels and camping grounds

  • Garage & Parking

Equipment, parking systems, turnpikes, turnstiles
Automatic gates (fast-speed, industrial)
Road blocks, parking stakes, barriers
Building and Promotion Technologies and Design:
Petrol station ad design
Boards, showcases and lighting
Building materials and structures

  • Environmental Protection
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