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About Tasting Contest

Nominations of the Tasting Contest
  • !!!NEW   WORLD  BREAD UKRAINE - bread and bakery;
  •  WORLD SNACK UKRAINE - breakfast cereals, chips, popcorn, crackers, nuts, seeds, and dried and smoked fish and meat products;
  • WORLD SAUCE UKRAINE - sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises and salad dressings;
  • WORLD VINUM UKRAINE - dry white wines (ordinary and vintage), dry red wines (ordinary and vintage), sparkling wines, strong and flavoured wines, cognacs and brandies;
  • WORLD JUICE UKRAINE - natural fruit and vegetable juices; concentrated fruit and vegetable juices; fruit, vegetable and mixed nectars; drinks; and fruit drinks;
  • WORLD SPIRITUS UKRAINE -vodkas, special vodkas, bitter liqueurs, sweet liqueurs, fruit liqueurs, balsams and low-alcohol drinks;
  • WORLD AQUA UKRAINE - drinking and mineral water, and drinks made using them;
  • WORLD MILK UKRAINE- acidophilin, yogurt, kefir, bifilife, fermented boiled milk, butter, flavored butter, margarine, milk, dairy drinks, condensed milk, dry milk, fermented baked milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheeses and ice cream;
  • WORLD MEAT UKRAINE- all varieties of sausages, meat loafs, pâtés, brawn, smoked meat products, canned goods, meat and poultry products and delicacies;
  • WORLD CANNED VEGETABLES & FRUIT UKRAINE- canned fruit and vegetables, jams, preserves, pickles and mushrooms;
  • WORLD FISH & SEAFOOD UKRAINE- fish: salted, cured and dried; smoked fish products, balyk products, caviar, canned fish, semi-finished fish products, and non-fish seafood;
  • WORLD TEA & COFFEE UKRAINE- tea, coffee and cocoa;
  • WORLD SWEETS UKRAINE- sweets, chocolate, cocoa powder, eastern sweets, halva, fruit candy, pastilles, marshmallow, confectionary products;
  • WORLD SEMI-PRODUCTS UKRAINE- frozen and chilled products, pasta and convenience foods.

The winners are rewarded with diplomas, medals and Grand Prix, and are entitled to place the medal's logo on the lable of the product. The contest for the Grand Prix is held only amongst those participants that came first in the preceding World Food Ukraine tasting contests.

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