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17 february 2011

On-line registration for professional photo business

The 9th International exhibition PhotoFair Kyiv 2011 has opened the on-line registration for professionals
28 december 2010

USAID Project Municipal Heating Reform In Ukraine became a partner of e3forum

The project of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Municipal Heating Reform In Ukraine became the curator of the fourth panel of the 2nd International Forum on Eco-Friendly and and Energy Efficient Construction e3forum boat
30 november 2010

Био, авиа: Полеты на постном масле

С апреля 2011 года самолеты компании Lufthansa начнут летать на биотопливе, получаемом на основе растительного масла. Крупнейшая в Германии и вторая по величине в Европе авиакомпания Deutsche Lufthansa AG планирует осуществить серию регулярных коммерческих рейсов по маршруту Гамбург-Франкфурт для испытания биотоплива компании Neste Oil. Пока "растительное" топливо не сертифицировано, один из двигателей самолета Airbus A321 будет работать на 50%-ной смеси биотоплива и стандартного топлива, а второй – полностью на стандартном топливе. Основной целью испытаний является изучение влияния долгосрочного использования биотоплива на техническое состояние и срок службы двигателя. Также планируется сопоставить выбросы загрязняющих веществ при сгорании "растительного" и обычного топлива.
26 november 2010

E3forum received support from the German Embassy

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth, sent a welcome address to 2nd International Forum on Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient Construction e3forum, scheduled for 23-26 February 2011 within the 15th International Building Exhibition KyivBuild.
3 september 2010

China National Corporation to build a modern railway line from Kiev to the Boryspil airport

During the visit of President of Ukraine to the People's Republic of China Viktor Yanukovich signed an agreement on financing the construction of passenger rail service Kiev – Boryspil International Airport
28 january 2010

Investment Projects. Euro – 2012 in Ukraine

Investment Projects. Euro – 2012 in Ukraine
16 december 2009

Topical issues on EURO 2010 at KievBuild web-site

A new page describing the process of Ukraine's preparation to EURO 2012 is launched at KievBuild web-site in December 2009.
2 december 2009

"A+В" Ukraine "- The exhibitor of the 14 International Exhibition of Construction and Architecture «KievBuild 2010»

Traditionally, the company's stand will be presented the modern solutions in passive fire protection of buildings and structures.
20 november 2009

Instrument Market in Ukraine. New Structure — New Possibilities!

Premier Expo Company announces that the vastest specialized exposition TOOLS & HARDWARE will be hold within the biggest build exhibition KievBuild.
9 march 2009

Architecture and Design Festival took place at KievBuild 2009

More than 160 projects from all the regions of Ukraine participated in the Festival.
3 march 2009

Construction Exhibition KievBuild 2009 has finished

Summing up the results of the event, the exhibition proved to be successful and well-visited - more than 15 000 business visitors have come to have a look at the exposition.
25 february 2009

KievBuild 2009 awarded winners

The organizing committee thanks to all the exponents for active participation and support in holding the KievBuild exhibition events.
24 february 2009

KievBuild 2009 has been launched

Please, note that the exhibition will be opened for visitors from February 24 till February 27. Do not miss the most significant construction industry event of 2009!
18 february 2009

A meeting of the Organizing Committee for the organization of the exposition «Investment offers»

The Organising Committee has approved a letter of appeal to the operators of the market and invites all comers to take place in this event.
13 february 2009

KievBuild 2009 will open perspectives for Ukrainian construction industry

Construction exhibition KievBuild 2009 will not only gather the best professionals of the world construction sector, but will also give the answers to the key questions «how to survive under the economic turmoil?» and «which perspectives has the Ukrainian construction industry got?»
29 december 2008

Boulevard - central exposition of the Landscape&Garden

In this year it was planned in such a way to stress the visitors' point on the mental component of the exhibits. On it you may one after another get to know with each of 5 composition blocks where the wooden churches are situated.
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