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16 december 2010

Crimea plans to develop the yacht tourism

The Crimean government plans to start yacht tourism development. For good reason: it's climate and coastline, initial base allows it. The budget cost, which is required for the project, has not yet been calculated. But we already know that Crimea needs from 280 to 311 million euros of foreign investment on yacht tourism development. This was reported by Tatyana Filipova, director of 'Center for Business Solutions', LLC." "Up to 2020 the program provides yacht and boats marines and parking lots network creation, including 11 yacht marines, 4 yacht moorages, 4 gas stations, now there is any of them - said Filipova.

According to her, Crimean government also plans to organise the production of ships for small fleet in an amount not less than 200 yachts. In addition, an establishment of the yacht fleet for 2000 ships is also planned in the Crimea. "The goal of this project is the development of the Crimea as a center of yachting tourism at international level, financial benefits and creation of new jobs vacancies for people and the peninsula's investment attractiveness improvement" - says Filipova. The needed investments amount is not calculated yet. "Calculations will be made during the project development. Now there is only a concept. But to rely only on the internal budget we can't. Because a new project realization will cost 280 - 311 million euros approximately and that these funds should be invested, "- said Tatiana Filippova.

17 february 2011

On-line registration for professional photo business

The 9th International exhibition PhotoFair Kyiv 2011 has opened the on-line registration for professionals
3 september 2010

Cabmin proposes to tighten control over the quality of tourist services

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft law "On Amending the Law of Ukraine "About Tourism"
29 april 2010

Yalta Grand Prix of the Sea 2010

The launching Ceremony of powerful Evolution class bolide was held on April 16 in Malta. This bolide was built on the famous shipyard Chaudron...
11 february 2010

Diving exhibition at KIBS 2010

Modern diving is an entire industry, and hundreds of thousands of people are involved in it worldwide. There are clubs and instructors who teach...
11 april

II International Dental Forum – has started its work!

The main event for all dentists of the country - II International Dental Forum (IDF) takes place from 11 to 13 April, at the International...
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