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18 october 2009

The Results of the conference SPA & Medical'09

For the first time in the Ukraine has successfully taken place the conference «SPA & Medical'09» in the IEC (Brovarskiy pr-t, 15) within the XVIII International exhibition Public Health 2009 on October 15—16, 2009.

The conference gathered together main participants of the spa industry of the Ukraine in order to help to solve, to examine and to analyze the issues which are critical to each of the leaders of this business.

The participants of the conference were real experts of the spa industry of the Ukraine, the heads of the leading spa centers, doctors from different sanatoriums, boarding houses with treatment, spa clinics, hospitals and other medical institutions.

Experienced speakers from the Ukraine, Russia and Europe made statements at the conference. The conference was moderated by the international spa expert, the therapist of the highest category, the chief doctor of The Medical SPA resort «More» Yuriy Chaban.

Many issues of the spa, esthetic and preventive medicine were considered at the conference. Vladimir Bugai, the President of «The Ukrainian SPA Association», as an expert in the spa industry has submitted market analysis of the spa industry in the Ukraine, its main participants, the trends and the level of competition based on the market research which was conducted by the Association. Among the speakers there were as well: Yuriy Chaban, Valentine Zolotareva, Anna Voitenko, Igor Komarovetsky, Alexander Korneyko, Vladislav Vavilov, Oleg Fesenko.

The great interest from the participants of the conference was attracted by Igor Larin's report about the position and the promotion of the spa establishment. Igor Larin is the general producer of «The Ukrainian Media Holding». His lecture included real recommendations how to promote spa establishments in a limited budget, revealed typical errors in the construction of a spa brand, there were given visual and operational examples that raised genuine interest within our audience.

The personal successful experience of the spa establishment in the market of the Ukraine was observed by Vladislav Vavilov, HR-director of the wellness club «Leonardo» and Oleg Fesenko, the coordinator of the Center for Regeneration and Esthetic Medicine «Palmira Palace». Some questions about the distinctive features of the successful spa establishments, their concepts and directions of the activities in the spa-market of the Ukraine were opened.

Among the foreign speakers, the participants could listen to reports of the experienced experts from Russia and Europe, such as Gleb Barashkov, Hans Grober, Annalisa Gramellini.

One of the main events of the conference «SPA & Medical'09» was Round table at which all the participants could discuss problems of medicine and spa, possible ways of the development of the spa industry and examined many aspects of health.

It is necessary to note that all the reports had the applied character and were very informative and relevant for the market of the spa industry today. It will help our members to develop its establishments, to implement tasks and projects, to improve customer loyalty and the quality of services successfully and as a result — to share their successful experiences.

The participants of the conference have given high assessment to the organization and to the level of the presented reports.

We hope this event will become an annual meeting place for the professionals, leaders and activists of the spa industry in the Ukraine and will help us to implement projects and to develop the spa market.

The conference «SPA & Medical'09» was organized by the Ukrainian public organization «Ukrainian SPA Association» and Premier Expo (ITE Group Plc.) company.

Source: Medical Exhibition in Ukraine

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