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3 september 2010

Cabmin proposes to tighten control over the quality of tourist services

September 2 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft law "On Amending the Law of Ukraine "About Tourism" providing tighter control over the quality of tourist services. 
"We provided the complete list of items that must be in the contract of any tour operator at the conclusion of an agreement on tourist services", - said the minister of justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych. 
Thus, the minister said, the agreement with the tour operator must include accurate information on the mode of transportation, vehicle characteristics, habitat, the mandatory conditions that correspond to those tariffs, on which a person pays for a tour. 
"We haven't create anything extraordinary. The point is that there in the treaty must be identified all significant aspects of a business entity - the tour operator and services which the customer buys at the tour operator", - noted the minister. 
Earlier State Tourism Service reported that up to 50% of the Ukrainian tourist market is in the gray sector.

Source: UNIAN

17 february 2011

On-line registration for professional photo business

The 9th International exhibition PhotoFair Kyiv 2011 has opened the on-line registration for professionals
16 december 2010

Crimea plans to develop the yacht tourism

For good reason: it's climate and coastline, initial base allows it
29 april 2010

Yalta Grand Prix of the Sea 2010

The launching Ceremony of powerful Evolution class bolide was held on April 16 in Malta. This bolide was built on the famous shipyard Chaudron...
11 february 2010

Diving exhibition at KIBS 2010

Modern diving is an entire industry, and hundreds of thousands of people are involved in it worldwide. There are clubs and instructors who teach...
2 february 2010

Conference «SPA in Ukraine»

We offer: an interesting educational program, lectures from experts of the SPA market, the possibility of free attending of the exhibition “Hotels...
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