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3 september 2010

The three largest importers of Ukrainian wheat are Israel, Egypt, Bangladesh

Exports of wheat in August 2010 amounted to 428.6 thousand tons compared with 224.6 tons in July. However, compared with last year, exports falling is striking: in August 2009, Ukraine had exported 1,164.7 tons of wheat, according to Ukrainian Grain Association. 
Total in July and August were exported 653.2 thousand tons of wheat as compared to 1,791.5 thousand tons in the same period last year. The three largest importers are Israel, Egypt, Bangladesh. 
Exports of barley in August 2010 remained the leader of shipments amounting 835 thousand tons compared to 414.4 thousand tons in July. This year's August exports roughly equivalent indicators of past years - 861.6 thousand tons in August 2009 and 967.6 thousand tons in August 2008. 
Total in July and August were exported 1,249.5 tons of barley, compared to 1,566.6 thousand tons during the same period last year. More than half of the total (757.5 tons) of barley were sent to Saudi Arabia. 
It is encouraging the export of oilseeds. Despite the small yield of rapeseed in the 2010/11 season, as its exports in August grew by 22.3% compared to August 2009/10, reaching 365.7 thousand tons in total for 2 months of the season 2010/11 (July / August)Ukraine exported 445 tons of rapeseed. 
Export of sunflower seeds from Ukraine in August has fallen to 1.36 th. tons from 8.9 th. tons in July. Total for the entire 2009/10 season (September-August) Ukraine exported 353 thousand tons of sunflower as compared to 767.2 thousand tons in the 2008/09 season.

Source: Ukrinform 

17 february 2011

On-line registration for professional photo business

The 9th International exhibition PhotoFair Kyiv 2011 has opened the on-line registration for professionals
3 september 2010

Ukraine's share in world sunflower oil market could rise to 65% - BG Capital

Weather conditions in Ukraine have been favorable for most oilseeds
3 september 2010

Cabinet is going to extend the list of "social" products

Ministry of Economics of Ukraine proposes to expand the range of popular sorts of bread, which will be subject to state regulation of prices
17 august 2010

Belarus may limit imports of Ukrainian beer

The positions of Ukrainian brewers on the market of Belarus can seriously deteriorate
17 august 2010

Milk prices could rise by 30% till winter

Purchase price of milk in Ukraine in November-December 2010 could grow by 20-30% compared with the current result, due to the reduction in...
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