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Посещали ли Вы раньше выставки, организованные Премьер Экспо?



30 january 2009

New thematic group exhibition of telecommunications and information technologies

We are inviting the companies which are suggesting this equipment and services to take part in ICT 2009 exhibition and represent the innovative navigation technologies to broad spectrum of Ukrainian and foreign specialists.
28 january 2009

Alexander Goncharov, «Only 30% of present-day situation is due to crisis, the rest is pure panic»

The Director General of SC Premier Expo said that new subjects would be added to the existing exhibition projects in the near future.
19 january 2009

The International Forum of window and facade systems WinTecExpo 2009 has opened

65 companies participated in the exhibition. Their stands generally took about 3 000 sq.m. of total area.
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