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Посещали ли Вы раньше выставки, организованные Премьер Экспо?



1 december 2011

Premier Expo Completes the Acquisition of Autoexpo

Trade event organiser, Premier Expo, a subsidiary of the ITE Group, has today completed the acquisition of the exhibition assets of the Kiev-based company, Autoexpo. The acquisition includes a portfolio of 10 exhibitions including SIA, the Kyiv International Autosalon, as well as other events in the travel & tourism, building, construction, transport and oil & gas sectors.
10 november 2011

E3forum & CityBuild to discuss an efficient city

Life and development of any modern city nowadays is unthinkable without an established infrastructure of transport and social facilities, effective model of energy consumption and many other aspects that make up the concept of a comfortable and secure life for citizens.
11 august 2011

Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012: everything for water cleaning in the new WaterTech 2012 show

WaterTech 2012 is a brand new specialised show for water treatment equipment and technology to be launched in 2012 at the Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012 international exhibition. He event is organised by Premier Expo in co-operation with WaterNet Ukrainian water community.
11 august 2011

Aleternum — технология антикоррозионной обработка радиаторов

Коррозия — это основная причина повреждений отопительной системы. Со временем находящаяся в контакте с водой поверхность металла подвергается разрушительному действию коррозии, что приводит к значительному снижению эффективности системы с одновременным увеличением затрат.
10 august 2011

KIPS 2012: major Russian security events organiser wins Ukraine

ITE Group Plc company, known for organising two Russian major security events such as MIPS in Moscow and SFITEX in St. Petersburg, determined to strengthen its positions in the Ukrainian security shows market.
9 august 2011

8th International Exhibition Plastex Ukraine 2011 supported by 32 companies.

The exhibition has already confirmed their participation next companies
30 june 2011

New exhibitors of the 16th KyivBuild 2012 exhibition

Nine months before start of the 16th International Building Exhibition 2012 KyivBuild more than a third of participating companies have already confirmed their participation in the trade show.
21 june 2011

According to international audit, Aqua-Therm Kiev 2011 remains the major exhibition of the HVAC sector in the CIS

The 13th exhibition of heating, ventilation and air conditioning Aqua-Therm Kiev 2011 has successfully passed the international exhibition standards audit. The certificate by RussCom IT Systems (Russia) has confirmed the accuracy of exhibition statistics.
16 june 2011

2012 to introduce Garden Tool show as a new line of Intertool Kyiv

February 29, 2012, the Intertool Kiev exhibition will launch the specialised show of gardening tools, machinery and equipment Garden Tool as a brand new line in the trade show’s profile.
18 may 2011

The 13th Aqua-Therm Kiev 2011 international exhibition was attended by a record number of industry experts within 2 days

On May 16-17, the 13th International Exhibition Aqua-Therm Kiev 2011 was attended by a record number of industry experts. An independent exhibition audit has registered the total number of 26,476 visits to the trade show.
19 april 2011

Plastex Ukraine 2011 poster became a runner-up of the International Fair Poster Competition in Plovdiv

Плакат международной выставки пластмасс и каучука Plastex Ukraine 2011 авторства Александры Гороховой, дизайнера компании ДП «Премьер Экспо», занял 2-е место на 15-м Международном конкурсе выставочного плаката в болгарском Пловдиве в категории Exhibition Event Poster
2 february 2011

The law on tourism will be changed

This draft law obligatery provides the categorisation of tourist infrastructure objects
28 january 2011

MISSION AND VALUES on CleanExpo 2011

DELFIN, a leading Italian manufacturer of a complete line of vacuums for industrial and professional application
27 january 2011

The 6th Ukrainian PhotoClub Festival starts!

The festival organisers are happy to announce the start of the 6th Ukrainian PhotoClub Festival, which begins on 25 January 2011
26 january 2011

February, 8, Hoteliers And Restaurateurs Club will discuss the quality of service

Hoteliers And Restaurateurs Club HOTELIERO is opening the 2011 series of events with the most emotional topic in the services sector: People of Service vs Service Personnel - the eternal confrontation!
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