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Press releases

27 march 2014

The International TransUkraine 2014 and InterStorage 2014 exhibitions Ц get closer to promising sectors of the economy

The organisers of the international specialised TransUkraine 2014 and InterStorage 2014 exhibitions are developing the format used in 2013. A special emphasis was placed on making the events interesting for enterprises in different areas of the economy. The number of visits, the representation of different sectors of the economy and the quality of the visitors has risen as a result.

To continue the positive development, exhibition organiser Premier Expo have changed the dates of the exhibition. In 2014 TransUkraine and InterStorage will take place from 28 to 30 October, alongside agricultural and food production and processing exhibitions. These are the Animal Farming Ukraine - animal husbandry and poultry farming exhibition, WorldFood Ukraine, WorldFood Pack and WorldFoodTech - exhibitions of food products, machinery, packaging materials and packaging technologies for the food production and processing industry as well as the Plastex Ukraine exhibition of plastic and rubber production.

The unification of the exhibitions will allow professional visitors to review the offerings of companies from related industries and get better results from visiting several leading industry events. The cargo and commercial vehicle TIR’2014 exhibition will also take place on 28-30 October 2014 to attract business visitors from various national industries.

The organising committee is introducing programmes that offer new business possibilities for the exhibitors at TransUkraine and InterStorage 2014.

Firstly, there is the CIP Buyers Programme (Commercial Important Person), where meetings with their potential clients are organised for the exhibitors. The trial of the programme at the exhibitions in 2013 brought positive results, which has led to its full integration at the exhibitions. Representatives of the organising committee offer key visitors a convenient time and place for visiting the exhibition and make sure that potential buyers visit the stands of the exhibitors as well as take them to the location of the meetings. The exhibitors need to describe their ideal customer and agree on a list of visitors before the exhibition.

Study of the audience of buyers at the TransUkraine 2013 and InterStorage 2013 exhibitions have shown that 46.1% represented food retail, 23.0% represented pharmaceutical companies, 15.4% were from the agricultural sector and 7.7% were producers and suppliers of food products, which shows the success of the strategic decision to bring the exhibitions together.

One of the most important parts of the success of B2B exhibition is the provision of a business programme which discusses current issues in the industry. The organisers are already working on planning these events. The business programme for 2013 has had a significant impact on the industry, which has ensured high numbers of highly qualified specialist visitors from different sectors of the economy at the exhibitions. The most successful events included the "Road transport: market analysis, issues and solutions" conference, organised by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the "Integrated transport services market and practical issues in logistics" scientific and practical conference, the LogisticsMaster 2013 master class organised by TradeMaster, "Innovations for transport and logistics" conference and discussion and the Championship Forklift Drivers of Ukraine.

 All news about the preparations, information for potential exhibitors and visitors, subject of the exhibition and events of the business programme is available on the official exhibition websites. Detailed results and reports and testimonials from TransUkraine 2013, InterStorage 2013 and TIR 2013 exhibitions are also available online. Exhibitor testimonials:

Victoria Naumchenko, Director of Development, Black Sea Shipping Service:

‘Our company has exhibited at an industry exhibition for the first time. We have had better results than we expected - there was a great number of people interested in our freight transportation services. We interacted with industry experts and colleagues, found out about the current state of the market, shared information and asked specialists for advice. Our company has raised the visibility of our brand on the market. We met our existing clients and made contacts with new potential customers and shippers. The exhibition has allowed us to reach a higher level.'

Marco Guardigli, Technical Director at TomWare (Italy):

'TomWare supplies software for telemetry and transport management services. I am satisfied - we gathered a lot of contact details from potential clients. We had the opportunity to meet representatives of transport companies and freight transporters and railways. I hope that all of the meetings at the exhibitions in Kyiv will lead to the signing of new contracts. Another result of exhibiting at TransUkraine 2013 was the realisation that we need to release the next generation of our software. Customers that use this type of software would like to have more functions and features'.

Yegor Zaitsev, Commercial Director at Intex-Group LLC:

'We liked it here. We presented new brands and new equipment: various types and brands of loaders, stackers, transportation systems and automated warehouse racking systems. The company has also become the strategic technical partner of the first All-Ukrainian Forklift Driver Championship organised by Sun One Agency. The show was very impressive and attracted many visitors. We had the meetings with our partners that we had planned. We also found new clients. I think that we will exhibit at the next TransUkraine exhibition'.

Oleg Belousov, Marketing Department at Universal-Spetstekhnika Kyiv LLC:

'The TIR TransUkraine exhibition primarily interests us as a good instrument for the promotion of our brands. The exhibition is a convenient platform where the demonstration of machinery can be combined with holding business meetings with clients. Our potential clients attended the exhibition, including producers of food products, construction materials and logistics centres. We held negotiations with three major Ukrainian food production companies. I think that we will exhibit at the next exhibition. We will probably have a larger stand, as this year it was too small for us.

  Aleksey Kovalchuk, LIS Technology LLC

'Many of our potential clients and partners came here. Another thing that had a significant effect on the attraction of professional visitors was the conference on new developments in transport and logistics. We gave ourselves several targets for exhibiting at the exhibition: firstly, to show our products to the visitors, make new contacts and have sales meeting. We are interested in major producers, logistics and distribution companies and pharmaceutical companies - everyone that needs equipment for large warehouse spaces'.

TransUkraine 2014 is part of a family of transport exhibitions organised by a major international exhibition organiser ITE Group, including TransRussia (Moscow), TransCaspian (Baku), TransUzbekistan (Tashkent), Transit-Kazakhstan (Astana), TransSiberia (Novosibirsk), TransPoland (Warsaw) and TransAsia (Singapore).  The exhibition is co-organised by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the professional associations of Ukraine. The venue is the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Please send any applications to exhibit or work together with us to trans@pe.com.ua.

Project Managers:

-       Ludmila Lesko (TransUkraine)

-       Marina Timoschenko (InterStorage)

You can find all of the information that you require on the official exhibition website at www.transukraine.com.ua.

© 2013
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