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Press releases

1 march 2010

KievBuild 2010 (post-release)

On 26 February 2010, KievBuild 2010, the 14th Ukraine International Construction Exhibition, ended.  The event was held in the International Exhibition Centre and organised by Premier Expo (Ukraine), ITE Group Plc (UK), GiMA (Germany) and ITE Turkey.

KievBuild 2010 is an important event for the construction industry, not only in Ukraine but worldwide.  In 2010, the exhibition featured over 250 companies from 20 countries, including: Austria, Belarus, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Turkey, UK and United States.  In total, KievBuild presented 180 domestic companies, including: Akvatek Ukraine, A+B Ukraine, Ataka company, Zenit-Teshno, Inkeram company, Tools standard, KNAUF Insulations, SIGMA Tools, Teshnokom Ukraine, VEKA, Vival Group and many others. 

The statistics from the exhibition show that KievBuild is an effective and popular tool for business communication between manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, technologies and services, and their customers: over the 4 days, 15,000 construction industry professionals from Ukraine and Europe visited the exhibition.  95% were architects, builders, designers and directors of construction or transport companies.  The exhibition area exceeded 9000m².  The unique role of the exhibition in the development of the construction industry is demonstrated by the participation in its organisation of government bodies, diplomatic missions, and small, medium and large businesses.  At KievBuild 2010, Italy, Germany and Belarus held collective stands.                      

Exhibition profile

  • Building materials and equipment
  • Tools, hardware, accessories
  • Metal and metal products
  • Cable, wire, energy-saving equipment and lighting systems
  • Pipes, and water supply, heating, ait conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Cottages and engineering
  • Windows, doors, gates, fittings and accessories, glass, profiles and facades
  • Road construction machinery and equipment
  • Equipment for the manufacture and storage of building materials, and recycling of construction waste
  • Components, spare parts and tyres
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Stone structures and products
  • Technologies, equipment and tools for producing decorative items
  • Landscape architecture and design
  • Playgrounds
  • Landscape and garden

In 2010, Premier Expo presented a number of independent exhibition projects, which have proven themselves as successful and promising events, and can be considered separate exhibitions within the KievBuild:     

  • KievInteriors, the main interiors event of the year, with a busy programme of exclusive seminars and master classes.
  • Landscape&Garden 2010 - 10th Ukraine International Landscape & Garden Exhibition
  • Techno+Stone 2010 - 7th International Exhibition for Natural Stone, Machinery & Services
  • ConMac Ukraine 2010 - 6th International Exhibition for Building, Handling & Mining Machinery
  • WinTecExpo Ukraine 2010 - 3rd International Exhibition for Window Technologies

For the first time, KievBuild 2010 included E3Forum, the 1st International Forum on Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient Construction, which was organised by Premier Expo, Greencubator and E3forum.  At the forum, representatives of Dialog-Classic, Saint-Gobain Construction Products Ukraine, KNAUF INSULATION and presented papers on current issues in the technological and innovative development of the construction industry in the field of environmental protection and energy saving.         

Programme of Events

KievBuild 2010 featured a wide-ranging business programme with the participation of the Ministry of Architecture and Design of Ukraine, National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Guild of Landscape Designers, and exhibiting companies: Armourcoat Surface Finishes Ltd. (UK), Veka, Unisteel, Softprom, Knauf Marketing and Fiolent.  On 23 February, the Rus Hotel hosted the awards presentation for the companies with the most effective stands.  

KievInteriors 2010 included a Showroom for exhibitors and visitors.  The Showroom featured a full programme of master classes, which were given by such design studios as: AE&design, Centre of Ukrainian Culture and Art, TABOORET interiors lab and many others.

Inter'Year 2010, the annual All-Ukrainian Competition for the Best Interior, took place for the first time within Kiev Interiors this year.    

There were two other key events within the exhibition: the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Prize 2010; and the "Ukraine in Bloom" National Award for Landscape Design and Architecture.  The nominations were in four categories: Bridge Construction, Buildings and Structures, Housing, and Interiors and Design.           

History of the Exhibition  

KievBuild (building materials, equipment and services) was launched in 1997.  The keen interest in the event from international companies (over 80% of exhibitors at the first exhibition) led to the formation of national group stands, which began in 1998 with the Finish national stand.  In subsequent years, other countries have presented national stands, including: Poland in 1999; Russia and Germany in 2004; and South Korea, China, Greece and Brazil in 2006.          

In 2001, the first Architecture and Design Festival was held within the exhibition.  It featured the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, and other Ukrainian architectural academies.  In 2002, the best work presented at the festival was awarded the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Prize.  The prize has now become an annual event in the field of architecture.             

Exhibition passport

  • Exhibition area: 9000m²
  • Exhibitors: over 250 companies from 20 countries
  • Official website: www.kievbuild.com.ua
  • Number of trade visitors: 15,000
  • Organisers: Premier Expo (Ukraine), ITE Group Plc (UK), GiMA (Germany), ITE Turkey-EUF (Turkey) and ITE LLC Moscow (Russia).    

The exhibition is supported by:

  • Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Housing and Communal Services
  • Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services, and Regional Policy
  • Committee on Industrial and Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship 
  • National Union of Architects of Ukraine

KievBuild 2011 will take place on 23-26 February in the International Exhibition Centre.

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